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How you can be our hero

Donations of ALL sizes — $25, $15 or even $10 — have been and will continue to be the lifeblood of MinnPost’s in-depth coverage of Minnesota. Will you chip in with a donation of any amount by Dec. 31 to fund our important journalism in 2019?

We can’t say it enough: Reader donations are essential to MinnPost’s nonprofit newsroom.

But we’re worried you hear that and think that means only BIG donations matter. That’s so not true. Donations of ALL sizes — $25, $15 or even $10 — have been and will continue to be the lifeblood of our in-depth coverage of Minnesota news.

For 2019, our reporters have ambitious plans to cover the new political dynamics at the state Capitol and urgent policy challenges around housing, policing, and the environment. But to make it happen, we need your support — specifically, we need to raise $75,000 by Dec. 31.


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While we’re making good progress toward that goal, we still have some work to do to get there. And believe us when we say that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett aren’t going to ride in with big checks and save the day for good local news in Minnesota. It’s up to us — you and the talented journalists in our newsroom.

With your support, in any amount, our reporters will have the freedom to bring you journalism that deepens your understanding of Minnesota in the year ahead. Will you chip in with a tax-deductible donation to make it happen?


And a big thanks to those who’ve already donated. You’re leading the way for MinnPost’s signature insightful Minnesota news coverage in 2019. Here are just a few comments made by recent supporters:

“MinnPost has excellent and objective reporters.” — Nancy Larson, Dassel

“I read MinnPost daily for its in-depth coverage of local issues and politics.” — Thomas Basting, Minneapolis

“Love the daily updates that consolidate news from various sources around the state!” — Casey West, Saint Peter

“Absolutely the best journalism from any source I read.” — Claude Roleff, Brooklyn Park

We love hearing from MinnPost readers, especially those who’re inspired to support our nonprofit newsroom. Thanks to our generous supporters!

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