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The stakes are too high, we can’t let up now

After a big year for news, we’re not letting off the gas for 2019. To cover the urgent policy challenges in the year ahead, we need to raise $75,000 by Dec. 31. Your support, at any level, will be vital to getting us to that goal and funding our work next year.

With such a consequential election, 2018 was a big year for our newsroom. And frankly, we loved all the work, because we saw how important it was to you, our readers.

But we’re not letting off the gas for 2019. We believe good journalism is essential to making Minnesota better. Our reporters are ready to take you into the urgent policy challenges facing Minnesota in the year ahead. To do that work, though, we need to raise $75,000 by Dec. 31.

It’s important we hit that goal. Will you help us reach it and make our thoughtful, independent journalism possible in the year ahead with a tax-deductible donation right now?


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Your support at any level makes a big difference. We don’t buy into surface-level reporting. Our journalists dig into the issues to give you nuanced insights and deeper understanding. Reader donations give us the freedom to do that.

If you value our signature style of in-depth coverage, it’s important you help us hit our goal by Dec. 31. Will you help us get there with a donation right now?


And a big thank you to the those who’ve already given this month. We’re honored to have you with us and share your belief in independent, thoughtful journalism. Here are a few comments made by recent supporters about MinnPost and what motivated them to donate.

“Local news with a finger on the pulse of what is really happening and not afraid to dig into the story.” — Rebecca Siekmeier, Grant

“Really appreciate the quality and clarity of the news. Especially the local info and details!” — Barbara Case, Andover

“I support objective reporting and quality journalism. It is essential to the democratic process, to maintaining a fair democracy and determining the path for a better Minnesota and United States of America.” — Scott Nelson, Minnetonka

“Best local news source around – no fluff.” — Mat Curran, Saint Paul

“I love the in-depth, timely and well written journalism. Keep it coming!” — Pamela Weisdorf, Minneapolis

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Serving you drives our work. Your support funds our nonprofit newsroom. Thank you for your continued commitment to the enterprise of quality journalism in Minnesota.