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Confession: We’re kind of obsessed with you

We’re really focused on you, but don’t worry, it’s not in a weird way.

2019 MinnPost spring member driveWe’re really focused on you, but don’t worry — it’s not in a weird way. It’s more that MinnPost is a mission-driven nonprofit focused on serving you, our readers. Our newsroom is always asking the question: How can we help our readers understand the politics and culture of Minnesota right now? We aim to produce reporting that goes beyond the headlines of the day and takes you into the “how” and “why” of the stories impacting this state.

That focus on serving you is also made possible by you. Nearly 60% of our funding comes from readers. This support comes in different dollar amounts, but it all adds up to provide crucial resources for our reporters and editors.

During the Spring Member Drive, we’re seeking to earn the support of 200 new/rejoining members by March 29. As of this writing, we’re at 32. That’s good progress, but we need to hear from more of you to get there by the deadline.


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And while it’s fun to hit a goal, this is more about providing a strong foundation for our nonprofit newsroom for the months and years ahead. If you’re not a member or if you’ve let your membership lapse, will you make your commitment to our nonprofit journalism in Minnesota with a donation right now?

When members donate, we always ask them why they’re inspired to do so. Here are a few recent responses:

“The gifted reporters that write for this service. The need for more journalism in our community, not less. I’m looking forward to the new directions MinnPost will take in the future.”Rachel Brudnoy, Wayzata

“Important source of local news, environment news and arts news.”Nate Arthur, Roseville

“I am a strong supporter of local journalism and you do good work. Thank you.”Thomas Clasen, St. Paul

When you donate, be sure to tell us why, and we might include your comment in a future update. Thanks to all of our generous supporters!