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Last day to hit an ambitious goal for reader-centered Minnesota news

Heading into the last day of the drive, we’re 73 away from hitting our goal of 200 new or renewing MinnPost members.

Reaching that goal before midnight tonight will keep us on track in the months ahead, as our reporters take you into the politics and culture shaping Minnesota. And if you take action now, we can get there!

If you’re not a member currently, will you donate right now to get us across the finish line today?


Your support — in any amount, even $25 or $15 — is crucial to reporters and their work serving you with in-depth coverage that helps you better understand your community.

And a big, all-caps THANK YOU to the 127 new or renewing members who’ve donated already during the drive.

But we need a few more heroes to reach this goal. Will you be one of them?

Here are a few comments from supporters about why they decided to donate to MinnPost:

“I appreciate the thoughtful and thorough reporting of MinnPost!”Diane Hageman, St. Cloud

“Daily local news delivered to my inbox.”Gary Taylor, Alexandria

“Local journalism is more important than ever, and I am happy to support.”Mary Yamashita, Minneapolis

“Very important to keep a free press that reports the local and statewide news without concern for advertisers.”Ronald L. Bearman, Minnetonka

Member donations sustain our newsroom. These notes sustain our hearts. We’re honored to serve you with thoughtful, nonprofit journalism. Thanks for having our backs and being a part of this community. And thanks in advance to those who donate today and help us reach this ambitious goal. Is that you?


Thank you!

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