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Who’s at the center of MinnPost’s universe?

Readers are at the center of MinnPost’s universe. Our reporters are driven to help readers understand the forces shaping Minnesota’s future. In turn, member donations from readers fund our nonprofit newsroom.

Between now and March 29, we’re seeking the support of 200 new members. Will you help us get there by making a donation in any amount right now?


Added together, donations from members provide the single largest source of funding for our original reporting, which allows us to make our news available for ALL to read — no paywall or subscription required. (Although a perk of membership is regular bonus content!)

Simply put, our reporters need your member support to keep doing their work and serving you. Are you ready to stand with us and keep our nonprofit newsroom going strong?

Getting 200 new members in 10 days is an ambitious goal. Some would even call it unrealistic. But we know we can get there, because we have faith in you, MinnPost’s most loyal readers, to step up and show your support for our in-depth local reporting.


Thanks in advance for your support. When you donate, be sure to tell us what you value most about our work, and we may include your comment in future updates about our progress toward the goal. Thank you!

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