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How the Summer Drive ended: 135 new members

Many thanks to those who gave during the drive or at any time in the last year.

Donate today!We’re thrilled to announce we’ve welcomed 135 new MinnPost members from across Minnesota and the country since June 20 as a part of our Summer Member Drive! We are grateful for the support of our nonprofit newsroom.

We’d like to send out a hearty THANK YOU to everyone who joined MinnPost during our drive, and to the more than 4,000 other members who have supported our in-depth reporting throughout the year.

If you meant to donate during the drive but got sidetracked by jumping in a lake, weeding your garden, or hiding out from the storms, it’s not too late! Your support, at any time and in any amount, is essential to MinnPost’s nonprofit newsroom and makes a real difference to our mission-driven journalism.


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We love to ask our members why they choose to support MinnPost. Here are a few recent comments from the drive:

“Great reporting on complex issues facing our wonderful state. Fills a big gap left by our local newspapers that used to cover these issues. Thanks for your work.” Anonymous donor, St. Paul

“Diligent journalism is a major pillar of our democracy.” Kerry Ness, Plymouth

“Thorough detail and insightful analysis on current events and issues.” Edward Walsh, Bloomington

“I love MinnPost for in-depth balanced reporting on MN news! Particularly like when national political news is digested with its impact to MN.” Sandra Chausse, Forest Lake

“I believe in nonprofit journalism. In fact, it may be the thing that saves us.” Mark Carlton, Bloomington

“Great coverage of Minnesota issues.” Lawrence Johnson, Two Harbors

Again, THANK YOU, to the 135 donors who’ve given to us in the last two weeks!

Erin Sindberg Porter  |  Bob Distad  |  Deanne Miller  |  Linda Ireland  |  John Knapp  |  Derek Wallbank  |  Douglas Owens-Pike  |  Jeffrey Stowman |  Joe Schantz  | Robert MacNeal  | Cynthia Towne  |  Scott Nelson  |  David Kaun  |  Darlene Olson  |  Joyce Johnson  |  Martha Malan  |  Barbara Winthrop  |  Julie Corty  |  Ann Cohen  |  Joanna Mills  |  Mary Bren  |  Pamela Johnson  |  Bruce and Kaye Stender  |  David Wehde  |  Julie Moore  | Margaret Reid  |  Susan & David J. Showalter  |  Robert Bitzan  |  Teresa Askew  |  Carol Bufton  |  Julia Carney  |  Elizabeth Lund  |  Thomas Basting  |  James Shadko  |  Erik Juhl  |  Barbara Gilbertson  |  Carol Horswill  |  Alma Warner  |  Norman Mishoe  |  Kari Ruth  |  Douglas Cole  |  Judith Pryor  |  John Lundquist  |  Dwight Wagenius  |  Ford Campbell  |  Norm Champ  |  Judy Lissick  |  Samuel Stevens  |  John Miller  |  Barbara Frey  |  John Heydt  |  Kevin Rhein  |  Adaline and Brad Shinkle  |  Philip Reinhardt  |  Patricia Moen  |  Stacy Dahlin  |  Paul Lambie  |  Pat Voss  |  JoAnn Johnson  |  Lydia Lucas  |  Mary Jane Morrison  |  David Dudley  |  Dave Garwick  |  Anna Duncan  |  William Stromberg  |  Emily Kissane  |  Nancy Olberg  |  Kevin Smith  |  Noel LaBine  |  Mark Carlton  |  Alexandra Lodge  |  Mary Olson  |  Constance Pepin  |  Richard Nelson  |  Thomas Walczak  |  Monica Williams  |  James Coyne  |  Jean Forster  |  Margaret Berget  |  Amy Sullivan  |  Thomas Hall  |  Gail Loverud  |  Arlene Mathison  |  Rick Gravrok  |  Mark Beltz  |  Karl Oestreich  |  John Fitzgerald  |  Kerry Ness  |  Leslie Baken  |  Kent Simon  |  Shannon Gardner  |  Catherine Fischer  |  George Matkovits  |  Joann Frankena  |  Karen Chaussee  |  Jane Eastes  |  Stan Danielson  |  Diane Trout-Oertel  |  Graham Allan  |  Demress Stockman  |  Edward Walsh  |  Gregg Aamot  |  Gregg Bilz  |  Theodore Benson  |  Philip Quanbeck  |  Lawrence Johnson  |  Cody Chamberlain  |  Steve Cartnes  |  Gary Carlson  |  Sandra Chaussee  |  Gary Carlson  |  Steve Cartnes  |  Anonymous (22)

You can add your name to this list any time by becoming a member. Thank you!