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How you can power our reporters in 2020

You’ve heard it before: MinnPost simply cannot do what we do without you.

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You’ve heard it before: MinnPost simply cannot do what we do without you.

That’s not an exaggeration. We say it so often because it’s true. A full two-thirds of the funding for our nonprofit newsroom is made up of donations from readers like you.

You might think that only big donations make a difference, but that’s not true! Donations of ALL sizes — $50, $30, even $20 — have been and will continue to be the lifeblood of our in-depth coverage of Minnesota news.

We need to raise $53,394 by Dec. 31 to reach our goal and make sure we’re ready for the election and other big issues facing our state in 2020. Will you chip in with a tax-deductible donation right now?


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We depend on donations large and small to ensure that our reporters have the resources they need to cover the issues impacting our state in 2020.

Your support, in any amount, will help ensure our nonprofit newsroom is fully funded by Dec. 31. Will you help us get there?

A big thanks to the 200 donors who have already given during our Year-End Member Drive! We like to ask our members what inspires them to give. Here are some recent responses:

“We need to protect space for quality and ethical journalism. I appreciate local coverage.” — Tamara Bauers, Minneapolis

“Independent news coverage is vital to our democracy. Thank you.” — Anonymous donor, Harris

“I enjoy the reporting. I learn about local, regional and national news that I don’t get anywhere else. Despite this sounding like an ad, it’s the truth.” — Priscilla Wyeth, St. Paul

“I like that you give equal space to out state as well as metro news. Thanks!” Anonymous donor, Underwood

“Local journalism matters. MinnPost, and others like you, may just be the future of local journalism, or certainly a key part.” David Fettig, Minneapolis