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We have ambitious plans for covering the 2020 election and bringing you behind the scenes of many competitive races across the state. Our team of hard-working reporters is ready to bring you the in-depth coverage you depend on.

But we need your help to make our 2020 election coverage happen. Added together, donations from individuals make up two-thirds of our total funding. To put it simply, we cannot do what we do without the financial support of readers like you.

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We’d like to thank everyone who has already given during our Year-End Member Drive! We like to hear what inspires readers to give to MinnPost; here are a few recent responses.

“I support the nonprofit concept and I like the in-depth Minnesota coverage that is hard to find elsewhere. The writers and guest writers are so talented. Thank you.” — Terri Barreiro, Maple Plain

“Timely and balanced coverage of Minnesota news.” — Edward Malecki, Maplewood

“High-quality journalism is the top reason. Close behind is the MinnPost nonprofit reader support model.” — Anonymous donor, St. Paul

“MinnPost brings news not found in the local paper.” — Anonymous donor, Duluth

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