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2019: a record year for MinnPost membership

2019 was a record year for MinnPost membership, with year-end donation totals and member count both at an all-time high.

2019 was a record year for MinnPost membership, with year-end donation totals and member count both at an all-time high. In the last year alone, members who donate between $1 and $999 gave a total of $380,000 to MinnPost, and we’re starting out 2020 with a record 4,357 member households. Hurrah!

We’re sending out a huge thank you to everyone who donated in 2019, including the 667 supporters who gave during our Year-End Member Drive. We couldn’t have done this without YOU.

As a nonprofit, MinnPost is driven by a mission to serve you, our readers, with high-quality, public-service journalism that deepens your understanding of the forces shaping your community. You’re at the center of everything we do, and added together, reader donations provide the single largest — and most important — source of funding for our newsroom. Your financial support is the key to our continued success and growth. Thank you for your commitment to good reporting and the essential role it plays in a democracy.

And if you meant to donate during the drive, but didn’t get around to it, your support is still very welcome and appreciated. At any time, in any amount, your member donations are vital to the work of our talented reporters.

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We’re also grateful for the many notes that accompany member donations. Hearing why you support our work boosts our spirits and underscores how important independent journalism is to people who care about Minnesota. Here are just a few comments we received in the closing days of the year-end drive:

“In-depth coverage of important issues throughout the entire state of Minnesota. Journalism at its best.”  Diane Solinger, Edina

“I want to stay informed on Minnesota politics.” Patricia Loonan, Easton

“We all need to support quality journalism, especially LOCAL journalism.” — Patricia Kurt, Woodbury

“I appreciate that MinnPost is one of only two news outlets in Minnesota with [a] full-time reporter in the nation’s capitol. This gives me confidence in your reporting on everything happening there.” Denise Hesselroth, Champlin

“MinnPost helps create and preserve Minnesota’s high quality of civic life through its coverage of local news, reporting expertise and experience. Thank you!” Anne Brataas, St. Paul

Thank you!