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The most important part of our work

It’s been an unusual last couple of months here at MinnPost.

This may be understating things a bit, but it’s been an unusual last couple of months here at MinnPost.

Between the killing of George Floyd by four Minneapolis Police officers and the continuing coronavirus pandemic, Minnesota has been convulsed by two of the most intense, momentous, and dynamic events in my lifetime.

As a news organization that aims to provide Minnesotans with thoughtful, clear-eyed public-interest journalism, MinnPost has been trying to cover these incredibly dynamic and rapidly changing events with the clarity, context and depth they deserve.

But it isn’t easy. MinnPost is a small operation, and in order to provide you the essential information you need to make sense of these critical stories (and so many more), our staff has basically worked around the clock over the last few months.

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Nor, to be perfectly blunt, is doing this work cheap. It takes time, resources, and — most important — an incredibly dedicated staff: people who need salaries and health care and obscene amounts of coffee.

Which is where you come in. MinnPost relies on reader support to survive. In fact, more than two-thirds of MinnPost’s funding comes from reader donations. So if you value MinnPost’s essential public-service journalism — which we make available to all readers free-of-charge — please consider donating now. A donation of any amount will help our nonprofit newsroom to do critical work at this important time.


Be safe, and thanks for being with us.