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At the end of a hard year, a thank you

The year hasn’t been all bad, and one of the bright spots has been the response by readers to the journalism MinnPost produced in 2020.

By now, you’re probably sick of being reminded what a truly crap-tastic year 2020 has been.

Andrew Putz
Andrew Putz
I’m not here to argue otherwise, though there have been slivers of virtue amid the vexations. For me, one of the bright spots been the response by readers to the journalism MinnPost has produced over the last 12 months. In a year that has been devastating to many local news organizations, I’m incredibly grateful that you read, shared and responded to our work in unprecedented numbers.

The other positive is getting to work with the people I do at MinnPost: the staff that makes this place go every day. Some of those people you may know by their bylines. But others — who oversee our finances, or our membership, or just make sure the website doesn’t melt down on any given day — you probably don’t.

To a person, their commitment to this organization, and to the mission of providing in-depth, independent journalism about Minnesota, has been nothing short of remarkable this year.


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And that’s why I’m writing. To do our work — to bring you the kind of journalism you’ve come to rely on from us — takes time, resources, and, yes, the kind of dedicated staff that makes things not fall apart even amid a global pandemic, people who need salaries and health care and the occasional resupply of Post-it notes.

Which is where you come in. MinnPost relies on reader support to survive. In fact, more than two-thirds of MinnPost’s funding comes from reader donations. So if you value MinnPost’s essential public-service journalism — which we make available to all readers free-of-charge — please consider donating now. Any amount will help our nonprofit newsroom to do critical work at this important time.


Thank you. And have a happy new year.