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Introducing MinnPost’s Artscape newsletter

Delivered each Friday, the newsletter will include links to each Artscape column from the week as well as some thoughts from columnist Pamela Espeland on the upcoming events and performances she’s most excited about.

For the last nine years, MinnPost’s Artscape column has been covering the people, performances and politics of the Twin Cities art scene with style and substance. Written by the indefatigable Pamela Espeland, it’s currently published four times a week.

And, as of today, there’s a new way to get it: the Artscape newsletter.

If you’re an Artscape reader, you’re already familiar with the depth and breadth of the coverage it provides, from insightful reviews to thought-provoking Q&As.

Expect all that — and more — in the Artscape newsletter. Delivered each Friday, the newsletter will not only include links to each column from that week, it will offer Pamela’s take on the upcoming events and performances she is most excited about.

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