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A not-quite parting message

Why it’s been such a privilege to be a part of MinnPost. And why MinnPost needs donors like you.

After many years and many, many fundraising appeals, this is likely the last of these messages you’ll get from me. But before you start celebrating that development, please indulge me on a couple of points.

The first is to explain why it’s been such a privilege to be part of MinnPost. For the last eight years, I’ve had the good fortune to work with some of the smartest and hardest-working people anywhere: not just the writers and editors who consistently produce some of the state’s most insightful coverage of politics, culture, health, education, the environment and more, but also the business side folks who, every day, dedicate themselves to making sure MinnPost can carry out its mission of providing in-depth coverage of issues that matter to Minnesotans.


The second is to emphasize how much we rely on individual donors like you. Your contributions are absolutely essential for us to produce the sort of independent, public-service journalism that is so critical in a functioning democracy — and to make all of that journalism available free of charge.

So for the last time, I’m asking you to be a vital part of this essential coverage by making a tax-deductible donation by March 17.


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