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Why we sent a coalition letter expressing concern over the treatment of our reporter Peter Callaghan

To guide Minnesotans through the issues and challenges facing our state, reporters must be free from intimidation and threats when they push for answers and hold power to account at the State Capitol.

Minnesota State Capitol
Minnesota State Capitol
MinnPost photo by Peter Callaghan

This week, we were joined by a coalition of Minnesota media organizations in a letter to the House DFL expressing concern over the treatment of MinnPost reporter Peter Callaghan. Following our core value of transparency, we’re sharing that letter below, which details the situation and why we, along with our coalition partners, were disturbed by this episode.

MinnPost’s reporters at the State Capitol guide Minnesotans through the critical issues and challenges facing our state. To do that, we need to be able to push for answers and hold those in power to account. I’m grateful to the coalition of media partners who are standing with us to defend Peter and press rights at the State Capitol.

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Here’s the full coalition letter to the House DFL:

(Click the image to view the full letter as a PDF).

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