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Inside MinnPost is the place for MinnPost staff to talk about what’s going on in our enterprise. We aim to engage in a conversation with our readers, with current and prospective members, and others interested in our grand experiment in high-quality, not-for-profit local journalism.

Behind every MinnPost story

When you read a MinnPost story that gives you a deeper understanding of an important civic issue facing Minnesota, you see the name of the talented writer who brought the article to life.

Checking in from Washington, D.C.

MinnPost is one of just two newsrooms in Minnesota that have a Washington correspondent — a reporter who lives in D.C. and is dedicated to combing through the news in Washington and distilling it into what really matters for Minnesotans.

Ashley Hackett

Predicting the future

Through automatic recurring donations, which are often at $5 to $15 a month, sustaining members provide a predictable and ongoing base of support for our thoughtful, in-depth reporting.

How you can sustain your community
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