Do you have 15 minutes to help us cover stimulus spending in Minnesota?

Last week I posted a breakdown of Minnesota’s $7 billion in stimulus dollars. However, conducting a comprehensive review of the contracts, grants and loans is a huge task.

So here’s an experiment: I’m looking to sign up 50 volunteers to spend a minimum of 15 minutes poring over the county-by-county data organized so elegantly by ProPublica. Are you up for it? Great. It’s simple.

First, sign up here:

The next steps are just as simple:

STEP 1: Go to ProPublica’s Recovery Tracker Minnesota page.

STEP 2: Under “counties” select any county.

STEP 3: Start browsing under the “projects” heading and flag anything that catches your eye.
If you want to see more about any project, click “see details” for information on sub-contractors, etc.

STEP 4: Tell us what you’ve found using the simple form below (you can also access the form here and keep it open in a separate browser window while you browse the ProPublica data).

Signup now! And thank you for your help.

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