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Find a Minnesota farmers market near you

Minneapolis Farmers Market, circa 1900
Courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society
Minneapolis Farmers Market, circa 1900

Summer is coming — or so tradition dictates. With it come the farmers markets, and according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Minnesota has plenty of them — just shy of 130.

I was out data fishing and came across their list. I pulled every Minnesota farmers market and uploaded it to Google Docs. Have a look.

These markets are self-reported to the Department of Agriculture, so if a market from your city is missing from the list, let me know in the comments and I'll add it. 

Here's a map. That's a lot of fresh food.

When I'm driving across the state this summer as part of the MinnPost project Rural Minnesota: A generation at the crossroads,  I'll be trying to hit some of these. But really I don't have to leave Minneapolis — we've got 27 farmers markets here. Wow.

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Comments (16)

Can you add the new Fulton Farmers Market (4901 Chowen Avenue, Minneapolis, 55410)?

Also, the Uptown Farmers Market is at 29th & Lyndale, roughly, in Minneapolis

Adding now! Keep the additions/corrections coming, people. This is Dept of Ag data now, but it will be MinnPost data when we're done.

The NE Minneapolis Farmers Market and Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market are the same market. 7th and University is the more accurate address.

As are the Midtown Public Market and Midtown Farmers Market. Midtown Farmers Market is the preferred name, per their website:

The location for the Uptown Market is 29th Street between Lyndale Ave S. And Dupont Ave. S. per their website:

If you don't see your market on the map, check the spreadsheet I linked to. It might be there but missing location coordinates (as with the Uptown Market). Of course, I'm happy to add those myself. However, if you're interested in the nerd tools behind this stuff here's a great tool to find the latitude/longitude of any location:

The New Hope Community Farmers market address should read

4300 Xylon N
New Hope, MN

Here's another one that's missing:

St. Louis Park has two locations:
The Rec Center Plaza, 3700 Monterey Drive
The Shops at the West End, 1621 West End Blvd

There's also the Village Farmers Market in Saint Anthony at Pentagon Drive & Kenzie Terrace.

Anoka County Growers at St. Timothy's Catholic Church is located at 89th Avenue NE & Jackson St. in Blaine MN 55434. Their schedule in the past was Tuesday afternoons starting at 2 p.m. and Saturday mornings till noon.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has a free printed and online Directory that lists Minnesota's farmers' markets (and CSA farms, orchards, and more). It has 143 farmers markets and is more up to date than the USDA list. They are all mapped and can be searched by city or zip code. Check it out at

Thanks everybody, the list is updated. More?

The Icon in Coon Rapids gives info on the Hopkins Farmers Market. Mailing address error?

the Minnesota Grown directory is a dandy list - a couple I noticed missing are Lake City and Plainview

So last night Conner McCall, the blogger behind Garlic & Onion, sent me a link to a spreadsheet he had built off the USDA list. He included web links and schedules and you can find it here:

Now I'm going to build on his spreadsheet and include color coded place markers for markets open weekdays only, weekends only, and markets open throughout the week.

Any other innovations/additions? Once we've made this data as robust as possible (checking it against the Minnesota Grown directory--thanks, Paul!--I'm going to look at making this into a more elegantly presented full-page map. We'll see. Thanks everybody and thanks to Conner especially!

Look for the updated map on Monday.

Ahem. St. Paul also has a central farmers market downtown, another in 7th Place downtown, and many others in various church or store lots around the city that are usually open half a day each.

I wanted to give some feedback as to how I accomplished all of this. I have a day job and didn't have the time to get this additional info, as much as I wanted to. But what I realized is this was a perfect use for The Mechanical Turk( It required human input so I paid a small fee to a group of workers who went out and did what I didn't have the time to do. It cost me very little and the results were pretty good.

Thought this might be interested and possibly useful to anyone interested in data. Computers sometimes just can't be used for certain tasks, and none of us have the time to do everything we want to.

Don't forget the Ely farmer's market at Whiteside Park!