New tally of stimulus dollars flowing into Minnesota

The nonprofit investigative news organization ProPublica has released its latest Recovery Tracker tally of stimulus spending in the United States. Why use ProPublica’s numbers? Law doesn’t require all recipients of stimulus money to report to the governments spending tracker,

ProPublica fills in those gaps (here’s a full explanation of their methodology).

So where are we at? So far Minnesota has attracted just over $8 billion  in recovery funds. And where is it all going? That’s what I’m digging into now and I’m finding some interesting spending patterns and looking again at patterns identified by readers when I asked for volunteers to spend 15 minutes helping us cover stimulus spending in Minnesota.

While I’m slogging through the data, here’s a county-by-county overview of stimulus dollars in Minnesota. Click on a county and see what kind of money is moving around there. The darker the shade of red, the more money that county has seen. I excluded Hennepin and Ramsey because they are the only counties to pass the $1 billion mark ($1 billion and just over $4.5f billion, respectively).

Be sure to check out ProPublica’s complete stimulus coverage. Note: ProPublica provided this data before adding it to their own site. If you see a discrepancy in totals, that’s why.

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