Dayton’s email message to state workers

State workers booting up their computers for the first time in more than twenty days are being welcomed back with an email from Mark Dayton. Here is his message:

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing today to say, Thank You.

Thank you to the over 22,000 dedicated state employees who were unable to come to work for the people of Minnesota, because of the government shutdown.  Thank you also to all of you who continued to work in very difficult circumstances.  I consider every one of you to be an essential employee of the state, and I am grateful for your service.  On behalf of the millions of Minnesotans who benefit from your service and professionalism, thank you.

For the last six months we have had a debate in Minnesota about what we expect and need from state government, and how we should pay for it.  There have been fundamental differences between the Legislature and myself, and in the end we both were required to accept a difficult and unsatisfactory compromise.

It makes hard cuts, but it also makes new investments in our schools, protects health care for thousands of seniors and disabled people, and prevents even worse cuts to state government services.  We agreed upon a bonding bill that will put thousands of Minnesotans back to work, and we agreed on efficiencies and improvements that will help you provide even better services to our fellow citizens.
Most importantly, I am excited to finally spend almost all of my time working with you to get Minnesota working again.
For generations, our state has been powered by the ideas of inventors, pioneers, bright minds and excellent workers.  These are hard times, but in our history we’ve faced even graver dangers, more difficult challenges, under worse conditions, and with fewer resources than we do today.
Now it’s our turn, our challenge, and our responsibility. Now is the time for us to summon our best, to be our best, to do our best.  It won’t be easy.  But by working together, we will get Minnesota working again and build a better future for all Minnesotans.
Thank you.


Mark Dayton

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