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Saying goodbye

I am sad to be saying goodbye to MinnPost this week, and this will be my final Intelligencer post.

When we launched The Intelligencer, the idea was to have a space that was something of a laboratory for data journalism and reported stories. Some of the things I have experimented with in this space have fallen flat and some have shown profound results. I am proud of every attempt. The goal was to always be delivering something a little bit different to MinnPost readers, and, as was the case with the crowdsourcing done here, to find new ways to make readers a part of the story — or at least a part of reporting it.

I am sad to be saying goodbye to MinnPost this week, and this will be my final Intelligencer post. Many thanks to the indefatigable Joel Kramer for giving me this amazing opportunity. Thanks also to my editor, Roger Buoen, who is as level-headed, thoughtful and supportive an editor as any reporter could ask for. Another pile of thanks to Corey Anderson, whose corner of MinnPost headquarters is the site’s engine room.

The experiments in this space got much more interesting when I began collaborating with Kaeti Hinck, MinnPost’s Director of News Technology, and intern Kevin Schaul (who should really have the title “Master Intern”). Because of Hinck and Schaul, I am leaving MinnPost with the satisfaction of knowing that the kind of work I loved doing while at MinnPost will continue, and that MinnPost’s toolbox for data journalism and other forms of online reporting and storytelling will only grow (and you can watch it grow, at the Data & Apps page).

Most importantly, I want to thank every person who contributed to my crowdsourcing efforts or joined a discussion in the comments. I never took the quality of discussion and reader participation at MinnPost for granted; it surprised and delighted me all over again with each new post. Seriously, did you people go to some sort of civility camp? Can we make it mandatory?

So thank you, thank you, thank you. I have loved being part of this team. MinnPost itself is an experiment, and the people working every day to make it a success are not just keeping MinnPost strong, they are inventing a new business model for journalism — a truly noble and critical endeavor.

If you want to know more about what is next for me, find me on Twitter (I am usually there). Or you can just return to the MinnPost homepage and read some really good reporting by really good people.