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Contributions to GOP presidential candidates

A creative data visualization and cartography team in Washington has presented FEC data on individual contributions to GOP presidential candidates in an unusually beautiful map.

First-term lawmakers: Let’s follow the money

We can’t do a performance review of Minnesota’s first-term legislators without putting campaign contributions under the microscope. That job is easier now than it’s ever been. Here’s how.

Dayton’s email message to state workers

State workers booting up their computers for the first time in more than twenty days are being welcomed back with an email from Mark Dayton.

What’s your reaction to the shutdown deal?

If you’re a Dayton supporter, what’s on your mind? What would you have had him do differently? If you back the GOP, do you feeling vindication or disappointment?

State employees speak: The consequences of shutdown

Read what state employees are saying in this second week of the shutdown. Most are among the 22,000 who were laid off. Some speak of a sort of “survivor’s guilt” from hollowed-out agencies.

Interactive map: Life expectancy in your county

A new study looks at county-level study of life expectancy in the United States and compares the information to an average of the 10 nations with the world’s best life expectancies.

Furious state employee responds to GOP email

Not long after I posted the email sent by Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch and House Speaker Kurt Zellers to state employees, Department of Natural Resources Central Region Information Officer Harland Hiemstra copied me on this response, which he’s g

Footnotes to the shutdown: The GOP sends an email to state workers

They may not be speaking to the press about negotiations, but the Republican leadership made an attempt for the hearts and minds of state workers today with a mass email signed by Kurt Zellers and Amy Koch.• Furious state employee responds