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Footnotes to the shutdown: Read the layoff notice

Many state employees I speak with feel the letters they received were too impersonal and failed to reflect the gravity of the situation. Read the letter and tell us what you think.

Are you a state employee bracing for shutdown?

We’ve heard plenty from the legislators and the governor on this. Now we want to hear from the state employees caught in the middle of the epic impasse formerly known as the 2011 session.

Same-sex marriage in Minnesota: Your turn to speak up

Let’s leave the stump speeches to the politicians and speak in nuanced and thoughtful terms about this issue — you are no doubt already doing this in your homes and with friends. This is an invitation to make that conversation public.

New tally of stimulus dollars flowing into Minnesota

So far Minnesota has attracted just over $8 billion in recovery funds. And where is it all going? Here’s a county-by-county overview of stimulus dollars in Minnesota.

The dangers of road and bridge work: Your stories

What is your first-hand storiy of injury or a close call on a transportation work site? What about site safety? Are your coworkers doing what they can? Your superiors? Mn/DOT itself?

Find a Minnesota farmers market near you

Summer is coming — or so tradition dictates. With it come the farmers markets, Minnesota has plenty of them — shy of 130. Here’s a list and a map. Look at all that fresh food!

I mapped Minnesota UFO sightings — ask me why!

The criteria for posting data to The Intelligencer are basic, but this is critical: Are there people who are passionate about whatever issues intersect with the data?

Crowdsourced map: Vacant properties in Minneapolis

I’ve mapped every vacant or condemned property in Minneapolis and now I need your help. Have something you want to say about a property near where you live? We’ll add it to the map.

Tell me your stories from Iraq

I’ve shared my stories from Iraq, now it’s your turn. Have you been to Iraq? Are you from Iraq? Will you share your stories? No detail is too small. How did you end up in Iraq? What did you leave behind? Will you be back? What is Iraq to you?

The Baghdad I knew: Before and after the fall

It was eight years ago this month that Baghdad fell. I was 23 years old the first time I crossed into Baghdad. It was October 1998 — George W. Bush was governor of Texas and Saddam Hussein was the president of Iraq.