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The Intelligencer, by Jeff Severns Guntzel, focuses on investigative and data-driven projects, as well as engaging readers for other reporting efforts. Reporting efforts include crowd-sourcing experiments and interactive news apps.

Minnesota’s top mass layoffs

How does Hutchinson Technology’s latest wave of layoffs, said to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 Minnesota workers over the next year, stack up to other mass layoffs?

DIY employee benefits: What’s your story?

Maybe you heard about the St. Cloud Pizza Hut employee who broke in in the dark hours to fry some wings. I call schemes like this DIY employee benefits. We’ve all assembled our own benefits package at some point in our adult lives, no?

Your legislator’s other job

Demographic data just released by the state shows that for the first time since 2001, members of the Minnesota House of Representatives with business backgrounds outnumber any other occupation.

The Intelligencer is open for the holidays!

Hundreds of people have shared their stories, tips and analysis on the courts, census data, the history of the Minnesota GOP, and even racial justice struggles in the early days of the Twins organization. Want to get in on the fun?