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The Intelligencer

How bad is Minnesota’s underfunded court system?

If you work in the court system, tell us how your work has been affected by budget cuts. If you’ve experienced the system as a plaintiff, defendant or juror, we want to hear from you too.

Things people would rather not hear or see

Every Friday, MinnPost arts writer Jeff Severns Guntzel designs a custom weekend tour based on a theme of Twin Cities galleries, museums, public art and performance spaces.

Longing, missed connections lead to a photo show

St. Paul photographer Karolina Karlic was 23 and working in the photo studio of the Marshall Field’s ad department in 2006. She hated it there. She was an artist, but that didn’t matter between the hours of 9 and 5.

Touch the sound, I won’t tell

It’s amazing the things artists, galleries, and museums will place in front of us expecting us not to touch. You don’t touch the art — and mostly you don’t need to be reminded.