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Approve Line 3 and put people to work

It is time the state buckles down and stops playing games. They need to approve the Line 3 Replacement Project and put our laborers to work.

An unexpected memorial observance

In the spring of 1960 I was a GI, stationed in Germany at a base near the Mosel River. It was on a train, after a visit to nearby Luxembourg, that a schoolmaster and his students caught my attention.

Congress must address costly flooding issues in advance

Because we know severe weather and flooding will strike again, Congress should address repeatedly flooded properties, discourage building in risky areas, and create a nationwide disclosure law so anyone buying or renting a new home is given the flood-risk information they deserve.

Lawmakers’ bad habits breed cynicism

Now that the  second session of this biennium is under way, it behooves our legislators to undertake reforms to improve the way they conduct the people’s business.

Many tested, nonlethal options can safeguard livestock from wolves

Wolves cause the deaths of less than one-tenth of 1% of Minnesota’s total livestock. They play a vital role in regulating deer and other prey species, keeping disease in check and driving essential evolutionary processes.

New insulin legislation is great, but not nearly enough

“Alec’s Bill” is a step in the right direction, but we also need to address the day-to-day battles people with Type 1 diabetes have getting their insulin and blood glucose monitors paid for by insurance companies and medical assistance.

It’s time for Minnesota to follow Minneapolis’ Green To Go model

How many times do Minnesotans go out to eat per week? If your answer was one or greater, and one of your go-to restaurants continues to use polystyrene and other No. 6 plastics, your to-go containers could be contaminating other recyclables in your bin. Fortunately, since the 2015 Green To Go bill was passed in […]

The hypocrisy of extremism within China

It would be in China’s best interest to satisfy the fundamental rights of all of its people, regardless of ideological preference.

It’s still far too easy for dangerous people to acquire guns

Any effort to control the acquisition of guns by criminals will be hamstrung without universal criminal background check legislation to require background checks on all sales, including private transactions.