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Thank Republican Party for efforts that led to same-sex marriage law

It is time for those of us who supported the passage of the same-sex marriage bill to thank the leaders of the Republican Party for making it possible.

Without their efforts to include bigotry in our State Constitution the people of Minnesota would never have created the Minnesotans United organization that so brilliantly led the campaign to reject the amendment — and that built the political juggernaut that culminated last week in the passage of the bill that gives marriage equality to all Minnesotans.

We also can credit those Republican strategists for causing the overwhelming coming together of hundreds of thousands of ordinary people to not just vote to reject such bigotry but to reject the attempt to keep thousands of legitimate voters from being eligible to vote with their so called Voter ID amendment.

And the added bonus that came to all Minnesotans was the rejection of not just the amendments but of the very people who tried to corrupt our Constitution when the Republican Party was cast aside by the voters that they stimulated to turn out in such large numbers.

Never in the history of Minnesota politics has justice been so well served.

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Comments (1)

VERY Well Said

and given their current proclivities, and their amazing levels of empathy, compassion, and Biblical scholarship (demonstrated so well in the floor debate on same sex marriage),...

it's quite likely that the attempts our "conservative" Republican friends and neighbors make to reverse this decision will bring them even MORE respect and electoral success;...

solidifying, but also seriously SHRINKING their political base.