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The remaining wolves deserve complete protection

Regarding your article, “What should be done to save Isle Royale wolves? Maybe nothing, experts say,” I feel that the remaining wolves deserve complete protection. Extinct is forever! The fact that DNA reconstruction is possible is not a solution to allowing any species to become extinct.

Nature has provided a system of checks and balances that man has destroyed as a result of overpopulation, overhunting, and the simple pleasure of trophy killing. There is no other species that enjoys killing — only man. It is well overdue that man step to the plate and protect what species are left. 

Until wolves have regained a population that is strong and vibrant, all wolves need protection. There are many areas that have not seen a wolf in decades, so why allow any wolf to become prey to man’s trophy hunts? Why would any state or federal government agency allow anyone to challenge the recovery of such a magnificent creature that only serves to balance all wildlife?

I am 54, and a health-care worker. I value nature, as it is a gift for all to enjoy. I feel that no one has the right to disregard the life of any creature. With only an estimated 6,000 wolves in the United States, why is there even any discussion about saving the wolves in the first place? All creatures deserve to live free, without fear from man.

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