Rybak Q&A on education was both welcome and comprehensive

What a comprehensive Q&A Beth Hawkins conducted with Mayor R.T. Rybak about his regrets regarding education in general; his view on charter schools and Teach for America; his solid support for the superintendent of Minneapolis Public Schools; and about the role of the mayor in relation to public education in the city. 

I appreciate Rybak’s willingness to share his regrets, along with his successes, like the 35W Bridge tragedy and Northside Achievement Zone, still in process. I would like to hear what, more specifically, he would have done differently during his term of office. 

The mayor would do well to check the facts about Jackie Cherryhomes and education. I heard her speak at a home event, and what she said was not what I read in this article. What I recall her saying is that during the eight years she served as chair of the Minneapolis City Council there were meetings with the School Board and the City Council to address all sorts of issues to do with the education of our kids, with the exception of salaries for educators.  

I respectfully disagree with Rybak’s observation about Gov. Mark Dayton’s position regarding Teach for America. The governor was clear in his statement as to why he didn’t want to give TFA the funding requested — no need to cover it again here. I am in solid agreement with his rationale — having been a public-school teacher in the public schools in NYC and understanding what it takes to teach a class of diverse backgrounds and life experience, Dayton knows and understands the difference between the profession of teachers and TFA “teachers.” There is plenty of room for both, but the whole process needs to be vetted, in my opinion.  

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