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Put aside petty politics to fix U.S. health-care issues

I believe all future health-care reforms must not come from one side, but from all sides.

What do we need to do now with health-care reform? We all know the Affordable Care Act was poorly planned and poorly carried out. I am a supporter of health-care reform and ideally would have made health-care reform work with different methods, like expanding Medicare into a public option, but I am also a realist. I believe the health-insurance exchange will take years and many reforms to develop into a working health-insurance system that covers all Americans.

An undertaking of any major reform is complicated and would not be implemented flawlessly. I see the politics of health-care reform, for and against, has lacked realism, and as a result has ruined the image of its reform.Where do we go from here? I believe in order to fix the Affordable Care Act and the future of health care, all interested parties for and against health-care reform need to come together and develop reforms to fix these problems. I believe all future reforms must not come from one side, but from all sides. I feel the future of health care in the U.S. depends on the moral obligation of both sides to act in the better interest of all Americans.

I ask all sides of the health-care reform debate to consider where as a nation we need to go from here. I am hopeful as time goes on, petty politics will be put aside and health-care reform will be fixed to work for every American.

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