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We fund the F-35 fighter, but we can’t support veterans?

Re: Guarded optimism: Keeping an eye on Pentagon funding, March 13:

When I read about how much the Pentagon is wasting on runaway contracts like the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, I’m outraged that Congress refuses to fund basic programs to help veterans. Legislation recently died in the Senate that would have bolstered veterans’ benefits, worked to shrink the VA’s long delays in processing claims for medical benefits for wounded warriors, and increased funding for programs that help veterans get education and training for new jobs. But the bill collapsed over questions about how to come up with the funding.

The F-35 doesn’t face these challenges – it continues to get full funding every year despite constant groundings and hundreds of problems. Yet we can’t afford to take care of our veterans? What’s wrong with priorities in Congress?

Jimmy Gomez is a retired colonel.

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