Convenience stores should stock fresh, affordable produce

In the United States, many children are lacking nutrition in part because there is no local, fresh produce in the winter and the stores that are near many communities and neighborhoods are convenience stores. Some convenience stores may have produce, but it is more expensive there.

Living in neglected neighborhoods may lead to health problems such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. The Brian Coyle Community Center (BCC) is located in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood; many low-income families come for programs and services. The BCC Youth Program’s goal is to get parents involved and to help educate students about healthy nutrition and exercises.

Among the BCC’s goals is to help prevent obesity, heart disease and diabetes because many children are affected by it. In the community there are many convenience stores that students walk to in order to buy unhealthy snack or junk foods. 

It’s important for children to have healthy nutrition to keep their bodies strong so in the future they will not have health problems. Therefore, convenience stores should have affordable fresh produce all year round, so people can buy healthy foods for their children.

In the neglected community, children are vulnerable, and it’s important for parents/guardians, teachers, and mentors to educate them about healthy nutrition. Otherwise, these children may face health issues resulting from poor nutrition when they get older.

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