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Marion Greene would bring fresh ideas to county board

As a small business owner, I know that I need to constantly evaluate my processes and service to ensure that I’m meeting the needs and wants of my customers and not falling behind my competition.

Unfortunately, in government it seems like the same folks hang around, and that leads to the same old ideas. We have a chance in the upcoming Hennepin County Board election to inject some fresh ideas to the board. Marion Greene is, to me, the woman to do that.

Marion has lived in the district for 15 years but isn’t a part of the county apparatus. She’ll be a new set of eyes to look at the issues. And she has strong health-care finance experience, which is crucial given how much the county spends through HCMC.

I’ll be voting for Marion Greene in the upcoming elections for County Board because she’s not beholden to any current agendas on the board and she’ll bring a fresh perspective to serving us in Southwest Minneapolis. I hope you’ll join me.

— Scott Graham, Uptown Realty & Management.

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