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Minnesota needs strong implementation plan for new EPA carbon rules

Carbon emissions have been increasing, and the main source of emissions is energy power plants.

The new carbon pollution standards from the Environmental Protection Agency will certainly curb the current and future carbon emission to slow down the effects on climate change.

Carbon emissions have been increasing, and the main source of emissions is energy power plants. Governmental regulation like the carbon pollution standard is effective to regulate these main sources of climate-change factors. Without the regulation, the polluters will not even consider negative impacts to all of us.

This is why I support the new standard, and so should you. Why? Because the victims of climate change are essentially us. The new standard will also cut down fossil fuel burning and carry out more clean energy in our community. That way, other awful pollutants, such as mercury and soot, will be curbed as well.

To support the new standard, Minnesotan can call Gov. Mark Dayton to urge him to support carbon pollution standards for power plants and establish a strong implementation plan to clean the air and keep our children healthy.

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I support investing more resources on nuclear power generation due to the fact that it is zero carbon emission. A safer nuclear plant like the Westinghouse AP 1000, suggested in “U.S. should reconsider nuclear power” (June 2 Community Voices), can give us more confidence in carrying out nuclear energy as the major power supply of the country before having a better alternative.

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