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Working to save monarchs by providing milkweed seeds

Seed packets are being distributed in Minnesota. But we are working to build a broader network of support cities, concentrated along the monarch’s migratory flyway.

Re: “Making sure the monarchs always return to Minnesota”: is dedicated to giving away, FREE, 100,000 Milkweed Seed Packets in 2014.

We are totally self-funded. More than 50,000 packets have been distributed this year so far. Several long term partnerships have been formed, including with the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, the Minnesota Horticultural Society, Como Conservatory, the Minnesota State Fair Butterfly House, Northern Gardener Magazine, the Science Museum of Minnesota and the Minnesota Renaissance Fair.

So you can see that the successes have been very localized. By the end of the year, approximately 80,000 Milkweed Seed Packets will have been distributed, mostly in Minnesota. But the solution to the monarch’s plight is not localized. We are working to build a broader network of support cities, concentrated along the monarch’s migratory flyway.  

Our intent is to approach Garden Clubs across the Midwest to become Monarch Evangelists for their states or regions. (I am doing a presentation to the annual meeting of the National Garden Association in Minneapolis in October, which the national president and all the state presidents will attend.)

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1.  We would ship the Milkweed Seed Packets and other ancillary materials to each evangelist Garden Club on a regular basis.
2.  The Garden Club would approach local organizations to distribute the Milkweed Seed Packets. (Example: the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum has distributed more than 20,000 this year for various monarch-related programs.)
3.  Optionally, they could also approach local nurseries and garden stores to place the “Distributions Boxes” in their stores, and replenish the seed packet supply on a regular basis. These Distribution Boxes also solicit donations into a slot in the box. These donations could be collected by the local Garden Club and sent back to the SaveOurMonarchs Foundation.

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