Violent extremists only encourage hatred toward Muslims and promote disorder

The terrorists involved in Charlie Hebdo shootings, considering themselves Muslims, make it clear by their act the difference between peace-loving Muslims and hate-provoking Muslims. How can Muslims who follow a religion which means “peace” engage in acts that establish “conflict”?

If this barbaric act was to avenge insult towards Islam, the Quran states: “And he who is patient and forgives — that surely is a matter of strong determination” (42:44). And if it was to avenge the insult on the prophet of Islam, his mercy was extended to those who brutally killed and then mutilated the body of his uncle Hamzah, one of the most beloved of people to the Prophet. Extremists engaged in protecting the dignity of the prophet by violence and bloodshed only encourage hatred toward Muslims while promoting disorder in this world.

Keeping the real dignity of Islam and following the character of the prophet Muhammad, I as an American Ahmadi Muslim fully condemn the attack in Paris.

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