Everyone deserves an identification card, regardless of status

Everyone, regardless of status, has the right to obtain an unmarked identification card, and if an individual meets the requirements (i.e. passing the driver’s test, etc.), an individual should be able to obtain a driver’s license as well. Each year, this request has been rejected by legislators.

Currently, the bill has passed the Senate, and at this time the bill is in the hands of the House of Representatives. Now, there is a difference between organizations fighting for this cause. Some organizations believe if the cards are marked, it will cause more discrimination problems against undocumented individuals. Others believe that having the identification cards are fine, as long as individuals are able to obtain one. This is even more of a problem because organizations are separating.

Many people are advocating by going to their legislators to ensure a vote in order to pass this bill. There were individuals arguing for whether it is the right course of action to inform the public versus the legislators who actually have a tangible vote and say in the matter. Why not inform more individuals in our communities so they are able to advocate for this cause and to get more voices heard? These voices don’t only have to be individuals who are advocating for their rights; these voices could also be supporters of this very important bill that could hopefully be passed in the future.

All individuals who are undocumented should be able to obtain an identification card or driver’s license that is unmarked. America should not have the reputation of individuals living in fear; the American dream is supposed to be considered an opportunity to make one’s own successes in society and our government is denying this.

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