Light rail, including Southwest LRT, will have a positive impact on metro area

The importance of creating an extensive infrastructure of light rail transit across the Twin Cities is more critical than ever. Projects like the proposed Southwest Light Rail (SWLRT) extension will have a positive impact on hundreds of thousands of commuters, citizens, students, and visitors.

Minneapolis and St. Paul must not fall behind competing cities when it comes to providing efficient and affordable transit options to its citizens. In supporting the construction of the SWLRT extension as well as an elaborate LRT system covering the metro, the Twin Cities and surrounding communities will become even more competitive in pursuing new employers and millennials to the area. The construction of the SWLRT line, for example, would provide not only those in the western suburbs access to the simplicity of a direct light rail to the skyways of downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul, but would encourage development and travel in communities between Eden Prairie and Minneapolis.

The long-term benefits of constructing light rail in the Twin Cities completely outweighs any upfront opposition to the project, to eliminate the traffic issues plaguing our roads. I encourage local and state officials this upcoming legislative session to support the construction of the SWLRT.

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