No small difference between Sanders and Clinton

2008 was one of the first elections I participated in as a Minnesotan, while finishing up my double major in chemistry and chemical engineering at the University of Minnesota. I was never a huge fan of “SNL”; I had seen it enough to know who Al Franken was and thought sure, why not. During the recount I remember feeling like my vote really mattered. Now Franken trolls Bernie Sanders supporters.

When I graduated, the great recession was really picking up. After a few months of applying to tons of places and being told by HR people that they were receiving around 300 résumés for every opening I got rather depressed. My parents were solidly lower-middle class; making just enough so that I didn’t qualify for any grants and my $5,000-a-year academic scholarship didn’t cover out-of-state tuition and living expenses, so I graduated with $120,000 in debt.

I thought about killing myself regularly for three years until I finally found a job in my field. I am still paying about 60 percent of my income toward student-loan and credit-card debit. The thought of getting married, owning a home, having kids, or ever being able to afford to retire is a total fantasy.
The reason Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are doing well is that they are not for sale. I read so many stories about Super PACs and dark money and then special interest tax carve-outs in omnibus spending deals. Only a moron couldn’t connect the dots.

So you may think Bernie and Hillary Clinton are both great; I don’t. I see one candidate who has taken tons and tons of money from giant companies and huge banks that literally messed up my life. And one candidate who has the courage of his convictions to not take special-interest money.

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  1. Submitted by Joel Stegner on 03/04/2016 - 04:38 am.

    Donald Trump is not for sale.

    I beg to differ. Donald Trump is all about doing what ever is being to make him rich and powerful. He offers nothing of value to average people he considers losers. So in his book people who don’t live to make money and acquire power are useless, except as his adorning masses. Bernie is about ideals and public service. Hillary is also about public service, but she focused on winning issues. They both care about income equality, but advocate different approachs. The head and heart work wonders when aligned and not distracted by tactical preferences. Doing what works matter, regardless of how it gets done. Republican leadership brings the dark ages for progressive ideas, where we don’t move forward and lose what we already gained. Our country is 50 years behind the world because conservatives have messed with our thinking. Let us not to that to ourselves.

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