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Japan still hasn’t come clean about its World War II inhumanity

As our President Obama is planning his upcoming visit to Hiroshima, as a World War II wartime survivor from occupied Hong Kong I would want to send him and the political leaders in Washington this message:

The use of the atom bomb to end a most protracted brutal, bloody war waged by Imperial Japan that claimed the lives of over 35 million civilians in Asia and Allied troops was
the ONLY way to end the Asian front. How can one make a moral argument that to be beheaded by saber-wielding Japanese soldiers in a game, or to be repeatedly gang raped to death or to fade away from starvation was less gruesome than the quick death from radiation?

In short, how can we allow Japan to claim victimhood because of our choice of weapon and neglect its role as a brutal aggressor that took the lives of millions in Asia! ASIAN LIVES MATTER!

Japan has not come clean in educating the postwar generation about Imperial Japan’s inhumanity against her Asian neighbors. Obama’s visit signals some Asian lives do not matter and geopolitical considerations rule the day. Where are our moral fibers?? Have we lost our moral compass?

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  1. Submitted by Todd Hintz on 04/18/2016 - 12:23 pm.

    Pacific Theater of Operations

    The only way society can move forward is to address its past and atone for mistakes. And pledge not to make those mistakes again.

    Some people argue that the bomb wasn’t the only way to end the war and, technically, they’re right. We could have parked the bombs on the sideline and gone the conventional route: invasion. Rough estimates figure that this route would have added another three years to the war and cost a million casualties just on the American side. Who knows how many more would have suffered in Japan and the countries it occupied.

    War is unfortunate and we should not tread lightly down that path. But there are times when you have to roll up your sleeves and get the job done to save the world from tyranny.

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