Clinton should look to Sanders wing for VP pick

Hillary Clinton can and should choose a vice presidential candidate who appeals to the Sanders wing of the Democratic Party. Clinton has two possible choices that would increase her chances of attracting Sanders voters. Winona LaDuke, a member of the Anishinaabekwe (Ojibwe), has a lifelong history of First Nation Activism and Environmental Activism. Clinton could send out three powerful messages should she select Winona LaDuke: first, that First Nation Peoples will finally get a seat at the table; second, that environmental activists will be put in decision-making roles in a Clinton administration, allowing us to end our current dependence on nuclear energy and fossil fuels. Third, she would send a signal to Idle No More that she understands their issues and concerns.

The second choice for vice president that Hillary Clinton should consider is Rep. Keith Ellison. Having been a co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and one of Sanders’ strongest supporters, he would allow her to be signaling progressives and Sanders supporters that she understands that the Democratic Party needs to embrace “$15.00 Now” and embrace an end to one-sided treaties that do not benefit Americans. She could send a message to Muslims, throughout America and the world, that as president she will finally end America’s war on Muslims. Ellison could and should be her ambassador to Muslims everywhere, indicating that peace and justice is what President Hillary Clinton will bring to the world. Ellison’s selection could indicate that she is serious about ending racial injustice and disparities in America.

Hillary Clinton has the power to select a vice presidential candidate that inspires Sanders supporters and who addresses fundamental long-term problems, or she can decide to opt for a running mate that represents the status quo.

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