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When fear festers and hatred rules, we all lose

We as a nation are only great when we are all greater than fear and hate.

The recent rhetoric regarding a proposed Muslim cemetery in Chisago Lake Township was unfortunately laced with both. One such comment included telling these “terrorists” to go back to their “sandbox” where they belong. Others warned against the potential creation of a mosque and an ISIS stronghold.

The proposal was denied.

While it is not my place to pass judgment on the resident voters or their personal motives, I do feel compelled to speak out against the increasing trend of bigotry without consequence, hate disguised as opinion, and fear impersonating fact.

There are no excuses for the cruelty demonstrated. We cannot blame the media, ISIS, generational upbringings, or our political leaders. It is our fault. We decide to consume certain media, to mistake a part for the whole, to perpetuate misinformation. We decide how to vote, whom to elect. And while we are granted the right to speak freely, we are never free from the consequences.

The more we embrace responsibility and accountability, the fewer generations will pass before we get it right: When fear festers and hatred rules, we all lose.

So get up, get moving, and speak up.

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  1. Submitted by Charles Holtman on 01/17/2017 - 12:09 pm.

    Well said.

    When I engage in civic discourse, when I vote, I’m participating in a mutual undertaking of self-governance in which my opinions and acts affect others, and theirs affect me. I am not meeting my responsibility if, before opining or acting, I do not use my best efforts to critically examine the information on which I rely; to rise above my own resentments, insecurities and selfish interests; to deny those that seek to prey on those weaknesses a claim on my attention; and to seek the moral guidance of my better self.

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