Paulsen’s votes have little to do with his Earth Day persona

To commemorate Earth Day, my congressman, Rep. Erik Paulsen, posted appealing photo ops on social media and bland positive statements about national parks on his website.

However, his actual voting record bears no resemblance to the persona he creates online and in my district. Few are aware of his terrible record on the environment, as documented by the League of Conservation voters (16% lifetime environmental voting record).

Just this year he has already voted to repeal a regulation that protected thousands of miles of streams from coal mining debris, and to devalue federal lands to make them easier to sell off for sale, mining or development.

His constituents deserve a representative who presents himself honestly. Something doesn’t match — either Paulsen needs to stop dissembling or change his votes to match his public persona.

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Comments (4)

  1. Submitted by Bob Shepard on 04/24/2017 - 04:32 pm.


    The irony of the canoe with rucksacks mounted on his office wall should be lost on no one. For as much as he personally claims to support the BWCA, his votes are anything but support.

  2. Submitted by Connie Sullivan on 04/25/2017 - 11:28 am.

    This seems like a case of Voting with the Party, rather than voting with one’s own convictions or stated positions. This way of being a “representative” in Congress creates a firm divide, where one really does not exist on many issues.

    If Paulsen’s constituents can get to talk with him about the environment, could he be persuaded to vote in that one area the way Minnesotans would prefer, rather than with Paul Ryan’s plans, like a lock-stepper?

  3. Submitted by Maggie Sotos on 04/25/2017 - 04:01 pm.

    Kind of over Paulsen

    I myself have been increasingly uncomfortable with Rep. Paulsen’s “I work across the aisle” branding. I live in his district and I fell for his shtick in this past election, but have since done more research and as a moderate (socially progressive and fiscally conservative) I’m embarrassed I gave him my vote. I’m no snowflake but the guy voted to keep gay veterans from receiving pensions and family benefits; what’s up with that? Plus it’s weird how Paulsen keeps voting to hide Trump’s taxes. And he allowed companies to buy browser histories. Even my friends who voted for Trump are mad about that one.

    I have been very pleased with many of my other Republican representation on many of the issues; we’re never going to agree on everything, but I believe compromise and common ground will guide us. But Paulsen’s moral compass and political priorities seem to be increasingly out of step with mine and many of my neighbors in Chaska. Sure hope he holds a Town Hall soon, I would love the chance to tell him this in a respectful, dignified, Minnesotan way.

  4. Submitted by Mary Chasin on 04/27/2017 - 10:08 am.

    Relentlessly supporting Trump

    As noted above, Paulsen’s self-depiction bears little to no resemblance to reality. He is a reliable Trump minion and will vote the party line regardless of the values and concerns of Minnesotans. I have confidence he will be removed from his seat at the table in 2018.

    Prove me wrong, Representative Paulsen, and vote against the latest, and even worse, version of Trumpcare. It may not be too late to save your neck.

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