Objecting to Rep. Paulsen being described as ‘moderate’

In reference to your May 3 article, “Two Minnesota U.S. House seats will start next campaign as toss-ups, says Inside Elections”

As a newly awakened moderate voter, I take issue with the following statements in this article:

  • “… moderate pro-business Republicans like … Erik Paulsen” and
  • “Paulsen is also wary about casting votes that might become controversial and is among the few Republicans at the moment who hasn’t said how he will vote on the current version of Trumpcare.”

When I was not paying attention, I might have fallen for the “moderate” label, but I am paying attention now. The fact that Paulsen, like the other Republicans in swing seats, won’t take a stand on controversial issues like the AHCA until the very last minute suggests that he is less worried about the issue and more worried about 2018. I would submit he should be because the GOP is, mistakenly, attributing voices of opposition as being DFL.

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