Delivering the best fan experience around, Lynx deserve more fanfare, fewer slights

I am amazed at how the Minnesota Lynx continue to be gracious in spite of the disrespect they frequently experience. Their championship game was electrifying, and I will remember the excitement and pride of being there for a long time. I was disappointed, however, at a few of the unfair slights I observed around the game.

The night of Game 5 between the Lynx and the Sparks, there was no indication outside that a league championship game was happening in Williams Arena. There was no fanfare, no inflatables or signs. I imagine the scene will look different for the big game we’re hosting in February.

When I arrived home, I was excited from the win and ready to make my first licensed apparel purchase in years. However, while I could buy more than 200 styles of Timberwolves T-shirts online, the Lynx gear I wanted was out of stock. Local stores didn’t carry championship gear. This is a missed opportunity for the league.

Last week while reviewing my credit card statement, I noticed the charge for the tickets appeared as “Minnesota Timberwolves.” Minnesota’s most successful professional team since the Minneapolis Lakers shouldn’t be relegated to kid sister of the men’s squad.

A packed stadium and many TV viewers are proof that people want to watch the game. There is a market for this team and their skills. It is so frustrating to see these and other discrepancies repeatedly played out.

I am grateful to have this team in Minnesota. It’s the best fan experience around, and the players are fun to watch. Thank you, ladies, for showing us what winners look like. This is one dynasty I’m happy to cheer on, and I hope it won’t be much longer before they have more widespread support and respect. Go Lynx!

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Comments (4)

  1. Submitted by Hillary Swanson on 10/18/2017 - 03:52 pm.

    Well said! Go Lynx!

  2. Submitted by Valerie Stoehr on 10/19/2017 - 11:02 am.

    Well said

    The Lynx are a phenomenal team by any measure. The lack of equity in media coverage, merchandising, access to facilities, and player salaries is, unfortunately, unsurprising. And it’s appalling nonetheless.

  3. Submitted by Lyn Crosby on 10/19/2017 - 11:14 am.

    I agree

    Marie, thank you for posting your thoughts. I heartily agree! I too am constantly “grousing” about the reduced coverage by media in our area (a few, including Ralph Jon Fritz, seem to cover the Lynx well). The papers seem to cover it well during the playoffs; but even recently the big loss by a local men’s team got Page 1 coverage on nearly 3/4 of the Sports page; REALLY?

    I’ve noted the promotions and emails and billing by the “Timberwolves” also, they and the Lynx are both owned by Glen Taylor; and I am thankful that Taylor gives so much to the Lynx and their fans (including shelling out a million bucks to air condition Williams Arena.

    I am encouraged at the number of families, with girls and boys, and the number of men I see at Lynx games. The culture is changing among “regular people”, and hopefully we will change businesses and society.

    I do take exception to one word you used: Ladies. They are women. We call the male teams men, let’s give the Lynx and other female players the respect of acknowledging they are WOMEN!

    PS – Go see Battle of the Sexes movie; great movie about another female sports pioneer!

  4. Submitted by Dennis Litfin on 10/19/2017 - 11:21 am.


    I, like you, am a Lynx, and women’s sports fan and being from way out state, I seldom get down to games in person. However, there are many, many more Lynx, and women’s sports fans these days than just a couple of years ago….women, men, and kids.
    I don’t look at the lessor coverage of women’s sports as disrespect. Do they get the same coverage as men ? No, but it is one heck of a lot better than just a couple of years ago…thanks to the Lynx and college women’s sports successes. Sure, there are still ‘hangers on’ from the old days of women’s sports being limited to the high school gaa activities; but that has changed so much since the Title 9 era began.
    Those macho men jocks who talk down women’s sports most times are of that element who really were not sports enthusiasts or participants back when they were ‘of age’. They hang on to the bar talk which is easy and which they have grown up (sic) with.
    I’m 80 and still an avid sports fan, both women and men. ( I hope that you watched the Gopher women’s volleyball team sweep Ohio State last eve.)
    Thanks for the article Marie.

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