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Colleges should make campus safety a primary focus

As a college student, I feel the need to advocate for better safety on college campuses. Sadly, we never know when violence might happen to us until it is too late. It is important that colleges further improve their safety systems because it is the school’s responsibility to keep students safe.

The responsibilities of the institutions are to educate, protect and respond quickly to students. Colleges need to offer classes that incorporate safety tips and solutions for the students, to better educate them about the action that they should take when in unsafe environments. As a student, it makes me feel unsafe when I must walk through dark parking lots and sidewalks heading back to the dorm after night class. It is essential that that the school provide many resources such as more lights and emergency call boxes so students can get help quickly in the event of attack.

Students attend college to get a higher education, not to put themselves in a harmful environment. Every year, parents and students pay exorbitant tuition, trusting that the school will keep the students safe while educating them. As a student, I choose to live on campus because I want to have better access to resources and opportunities to meet new people; it would be a waste of time and money if I felt unsafe staying on campus. I want my school to maintain a safe environment for me, whether it’s during the day or night.

I strongly feel that institutions need to make necessary adjustments to improve the safety of all students because the institution have the responsibilities to educate, protect, and respond to their needs. It is necessary that educational institutions work to prevent crimes and make campus safety a primary focus.

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