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Two bills would help protect Minnesota gray wolves in the long term

The initiatives at the state Legislature would ban wolf hunts and ban the cruel practice of snaring, which affects other animals as well.

Minnesota’s gray wolf is as important to our ecosystem and our tourist industry as the revered bald eagle, and it deserves the same protections.

That’s why I am very happy the federal government decided to leave the wolf on the Endangered Species List this year. However, this decision is not permanent. If the wolf is removed from the National Endangered Species list, the wolf hunt could start again in Minnesota and could result in the wolf’s extinction. This is why I support two current initiatives at the state Legislature: banning wolf hunts and banning the cruel practice of snaring, which endangers not just wolves but other animals, pets, and birds. Hunting wolves and snaring should be made illegal once and for all in our state, known the world over for its abundant wildlife and wilderness.

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