Minnesota must do more to protect its wildlife and waterways

This past month the article “Just in Time for Earth Day …”  was a significant reminder to Minnesotans that our waterways are being threatened by harmful plastic pollution. Americans throw away an estimated 70 million plastic foam cups per day. This totals out to 82 foam cups per person per year. One-third of this toxic pollution finds its way to our rivers, lakes, and oceans.

This plastic waste does not biodegrade, but instead breaks down into smaller pieces called microplastics. These fragments have been continuously polluting our waterways for decades, and have been found to have been ingested by hundreds of different species.

Living in the state of Minnesota, I’m extremely proud about our 10,000 lakes and numerous other waterways. Seeing the evidence of this pollution grow every summer as the ice melts away has forced me to realize we must make a change to keep our waterways clean.

Let’s protect our waterways and our wildlife by banning foam cups and takeout containers here in the proud state of Minnesota.

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