NRA controlling legislative process?

Sen. Ron Latz of St. Louis Park recently introduced legislation that would require universal background checks for gun purchases. This seems pretty tame and reasonable. The legislation would simply close the loopholes so all purchases would require a background check. The vast majority of Minnesotans support this. Does anyone but criminals want guns in the hands of dangerous people? The NRA seems ambivalent on that question, but why should that matter?

House Speaker Kurt Daudt stated, “Could gun legislation be something where the NRA supports it and it actually could help keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals? That’s the sort of thing we would need to look for.”

It is clear that most of the Republican legislators and a few Democrats have forgotten their oath to represent the people of Minnesota, not the NRA. The NRA is an organization that gets most of its funding from firearms manufacturers. Their goal is to sell more firearms. According to Daudt, when it comes to firearms safety the primary constituent that controls the decisions of the Republican-controlled legislation is the NRA.

What a disgraceful situation that our legislators are so controlled by an outside lobbying group that they refuse to represent the people of Minnesota. If we want legislators to represent Minnesotans and care about our safety than we will have to vote out the NRA puppets.

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