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Rebuilding Enbridge Line 3 on the proposed route makes a lot of sense

Rebuilding Line 3 makes a lot of sense. Shutting it down temporarily to do so doesn’t. Rejecting the proposed route for the Line 3 replacement would be bad for Minnesota communities and would be a missed opportunity for our state.

Enbridge Line 3 has been Minnesota’s lifeline to affordable, North American-made crude oil since the 1960s. We need to keep it in tip-top shape and rebuilding it along the proposed route will make sure this crucial energy flow is not disrupted.

Constructing a new Line 3 will also create thousands of living wage jobs for local workers, not only benefiting them and their families, but the Minnesota communities in which they live. The replacement plan is a $2 billion project, money that will make local economies stronger while locking in the energy supply Minnesotans need.

The Line 3 replacement project will even add an additional $19.5 million to property tax revenues, increasing the energy industry’s contribution to schools, roads, and public safety to nearly $50 million a year. As such, I hope regulators give the rebuild along the proposed route the green light as quickly as possible. 

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