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We must keep federal protections for wolves

If some misguided members of Congress get their way, Minnesota’s wolves will be in trouble. Dangerous policy riders that would not only strip federal protections for wolves in the Great Lakes region and the rest of the nation, but also block citizens from using their right to challenge this decision in court, have been added into the House’s version of a must-pass spending bill. We can’t let the same thing happen in the Senate.

If wolves lose their federal protections, you can bet that our state will once again allow them to be brutally trophy hunted and trapped. If you remember, the last time this happened over 400 wolves were killed in just the first season. Seventy-five percent of those wolves spent their last few moments struggling to free themselves from a trap.

The DNR’s own 2012 survey showed that 79 percent of Minnesotans do not want wolves hunted or trapped. Our senators desperately need to be reminded of this. Please call their offices and tell them to keep wolves protected during the FY19 appropriations process and beyond.

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